Friday, April 13, 2012

Simple configuration make it a HOTSPOT

Here we will discuss a little bit how to simple configuration make it a HOTSPOT

1. we will prepare an Interface that we give the name of the HOTSPOT. We can use Mikrotik RB-RB-750 or 450 PC or Router where 1 Ethernet Port serves as access to the ISP (WAN), and 1 Ethernet Port serves as access LAN and 1 Ethernet Port serves as access to the HOTSPOT. We can enable for LAN network or directly connect to the Access Point.

2. in this tutorial we provide IP Address: for the ethernet interface called hotspots. IP Address also serves as a Gateway for IP network of hotspots. Then we prepare also an IP POOL with the name DHCP_HOTSPOT with the Range of IP Address: –

3. next we go to menu-> IP-> HOTSPOT and click menu "HOTSPOT SETUP".

4. the next step is to determine which interface to use in this HotSpot configuration. We choose the name of the interface that we have set up a HOTSPOT or we rename the name of the interface. Then we click Next.

5. then we specify the IP Address of the Interface that we we setting HotSpot with IP Address: then we click Next.

6. the next step is to determine the IP Address Pool for this HotSpot Client we have the IP Pool settings on the menu before the IP Address: – This IP Address depends on each of us, inclusive of the amount of his IP range or number of Client that we provide. Then we click Next.

7. next determine access SSL Certificate, we skip it and then we click Next.
8. next step specify the SMTP Server IP Address, we can skip it and then we click Next.

9. the next stage is to determine the IP DNS Server which we can fill with IP DNS Server we've set of IP-> menu-> DNS SETTINGS.

10. the next step is to specify the DNS name, enough on skip it then we click Next.

11. next is determine User Local hotspots. Give the admin/admin, next we can organize it again after the Wizard finishes. Hotspot Then we click Next.
12. the following display will appear as below "Setup has completed successfully" which signifies our HotSpot settings have been completed.

13. Next we see in menu-> Server-> HotSpot-there is already a configuration we make just now.

14. next we Double click and rename the HotSpot Server according to our desires, and we can do various changes as necessary.

15. next on the menu Tab in the Server Profile we can do editing as well as needed.

16. next on the menu Tab in the User Profiles can also us edit settings as needed with us like the example below.

17. We have done settings the Server HotSpot, Server Profile and User Profile thus the next step is to create a User Account.

18. specify user Access Limit also fits our needs. Get limited Time Base or the Base Quota, such as the example below.

19. Okey here ... until it is finished, the configuration of Mikrotik next we live configuration/settings in the PC Client with Auto IP/DHCP. (if using Wifi then I suggest to keep using the Security WPA/WPA2/WPA + Radius).

20. we are testing just yet, after the PC Client, others, though still can not PING to IP Router Mikrotik us. Moreover pings to Internet/Google.

21. Okey, testing our next open Web Browser with access to

22. we see the Browser directly at belokkan to IP HotSpot (, next we enter your Username + Password that we have made in Mikrotik.

23. After the Username + Password in the enter is correct, then the Browser will open the Google or Websites with which we access and a Pop Up will appear which displays the connection Status of the information Counter Account we use.

24. This Counter will continue to run as long as the PC is still Online and in Mikrotik will record/me-record Time of connection and the bandwith usage Quota/capacity.

25. If we see/we monitor User Access Status in Mikrotik HotSpot will appear like below. Note: the user can access Quota is reset.

Until here the configuration Mikrotik HotSpot. easy isn't it? ... Good luck ... ... ...



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